Work packages

Work Package n.1

  1. WP1 Objective: Monitoring the effectiveness of maintenance program through the use of MPI (Maintenance Performance Indicators). Comparison of engineering and operational practice on the basis of the JRC proposal, analysis of support tools (SFW)
  2. Justification: The MPIs were identified as one of the most important issue still in the SENUF questionnaire of 2004. The SC enforced this priority and a specific task was started in 2006.
  3. Previous actions, background: A SENUF report was issued in 2006 on MPIs (see section 3)
  4. Method: a questionnaire was sent early 2007 to all SC members and all the NPPs in Europe. The feedback will be used to develop a state-of-the-art report on the application of MPIs in Europe.
  5. Leader / participants: JRC / all
  6. Deliverables: report, Workshop
  7. Schedule. Report 2007, WS 2008
  8. Budget: JRC support will be covered under SONIS

Work Package n.2

  1. WP2 Objective: develop outage optimisation techniques. Address the use of PSA, on-line maintenance, configuration management during outage, quality of maintenance works
  2. Justification: priority defined at the SC 2007, especially by the Utility representatives and service suppliers. The knowledge management was also raised by the Utility, especially in those countries where lack of near term plans for nuclear development makes urgent the preservation of the competences.
  3. Previous/related actions: A dedicated WS will be held at the IAEA where SENUF will be presented. Areva is holding a dedicated workshop for the user group in 2007.
  4. Method: state of the art report, compiling current practice at plants and revising the outcome of the Areva WS to be held in 2007
  5. Leader / participants: JRC / Areva, SK, Hr, Endesa, H, U
  6. Deliverables: report
  7. Schedule: 2007
  8. Budget: JRC support will be covered under SONIS

Work Package n.3

  1. WP3 Objective: Benchmarking of optimised approaches to maintenance. Special emphasis will be given to equipment reliability approaches, plant life management models, value based maintenance (asset management) models, PLIM models. The evaluation of the available models will address in particular the prediction of the effects of maintenance on component and plant reliability, the integration techniques for safety and non-safety programs, and organisational models at the overall plant.
  2. Justification: all the previous studies carried out by SENUF (see below) came to the conclusion to improve the comparison among the different methods and to drift the emphasis towards the managerial aspects of the maintenance program
  3. Previous actions: see SENUF reports of 2005 and 2006
  4. Method: WS already planned at the Training Center Karsruhe (FZK) jointly organised by the JRC-IE and the IAEA; report
  5. Leader / participants: JRC / Iberinco, Electrabel, EDF
  6. Deliverables: Proceedings + report
  7. Schedule: 2007 2008
  8. Budget: the WS will be partially funded by the SONIS/SENUF project. JRC support will be covered under SONIS

Work Package n.4

  1. WP4 Objective: Support utilities in the management of spare part and obsolescence
  2. Justification: the SENUF questionnaire in 2004 highlighted this issue as one of the most critical for Eastern European Countries and especially for “small” Utilities. The SC 2007 confirmed the interest of the network, also by the Western Europe Utilities
  3. Previous actions: some operator networks tried to address the issue (NUMEX, etc.).
  4. Method: investigation of the issue, analysis, proposals for solution
  5. Leader, participants: Tecnatom / JRC, EDF, Paks, Sk, RF
  6. Deliverables: report
  7. Schedule: June 2008
  8. Budget: JRC support will be covered under SONIS

Work Package n.5

  1. WP5 Objective: Outsourcing, contracting: qualification of contractors, supervision of contractors by the utility personnel - Analysis of the relevant issues, strategic aspects, comparison of the available experience, recommendation.
  2. Justification: issue raised in the year 2005 by the SC and confirmed at the ENDESA WS in Madrid of 2006, with the participation of many experts from INPO
  3. Previous actions: the ENDESA WS in Madrid 2006
  4. Method: development of a state of the art report
  5. Leader / participants: Idom / Sk, H, EDF, U, JRC, ENDESA, Electrabel
  6. Deliverables: report
  7. Schedule: June 2008
  8. Budget: JRC support will be covered under SONIS

Work Package n.6

  1. WP6 Objective: Training of personnel: virtual reality tools, guidelines, in support to optimised maintenance programs -  Identification of needs, and suitable tools for training of maintenance personnel
  2. Justification: issue raised at the SC 2007. The IAEA also issued a recent doc on “Methods and practice on the use of simulators” - 2007
  3. Previous actions: carried out by some European networks such as NUMEX
  4. Method: collection of practice and ideas from the members
  5. Leader / participants: H / Hr, F, U, Tecnatom, Sk
  6. Deliverables: report
  7. Schedule: June 2008
  8. Budget: JRC support will be covered under SONIS

Work Package n.7

  1. WP7 Objective: Ageing workforces, knowledge management in relation to the maintenance program – Analyse the effects of these scenarios on the installation safety
  2. Justification: same justification as for WP 2. However, this WP addresses the human factor perspective.
  3. Previous actions: some tasks were implemented under SAFELIFE (EC action 2001-2006) with issuing of technical reports (see SAFELIFE website)
  4. Method: co-ordinate with the third leg of SONIS, WS of the IAEA
  5. Leader / participants: D / D, B, E, Sk, E
  6. Deliverables: reports
  7. Schedule:  
  8. Budget: partially covered by the SONIS Task 3.

Work Package n.8

  • WP8 Objective: Communication and dissemination of the network activities and results
  • Justification: in order to be effective, a European initiative must establish both a proper internal communication channel and be properly communicated outside.
  • Previous actions: SENUF reports are available on the JRC-IE website, but no specific information on the network were disseminated. The SENUF data base was also restricted to the users.
  • Subtasks , deliverables / Responsible , deadline:
  1. Position paper, also in “slide” version and/or brochure JRC, all
  2. Design of a web site (with objectives, “benefits of being part”, reports, events, list of conferences, database?, newsletter) / JRC, all
  3. Design of the forum feature (for people involved in specific tasks) for the web site / Hr , all
  4. Coordination of scientific papers at Intl. Conferences: SENUF papers + national contributions / JRC , all
  5. Collection of the feedback on the database JRC
  6. Communication with other networks: NUMEX, ESReDA, NULIFE, etc. and Intl. Organisations: IAEA, NEA, etc.  / JRC
  7. “Expression of interest” to DG RTD and development of proposals for EC FP7 indirect actions: identification of research tasks and funding mechanisms / Edf,  JRC Sept 2007
  • Budget: the JRC action will be covered by SONIS/SENUF