A database on “Advanced and special tools, equipment, materials and processes” was opened in 2004. It is available both in Russian and English at

The access to the data base is limited to the SENUF Members.
The database objective is to enhance the information exchange on maintenance optimization tools for NPPs and to provide and share adequate information among users in order to help maintenance managers and engineers selecting the most appropriate and cost efficient solution.
The data base addresses three main categories of items:

  • Advanced and/or special equipment, tools, materials, products and technological processes, which have been used at the NPP of the Collaborating Parties.
  • Equipment, tools etc. for planned maintenance work are part of the DB only if they cannot easily be purchased and are special.
  • VVER-440/1000, RBMK-1000/1500, CANDU-6, BWR, PWRs (Westinghouse, Siemens/KWU, GE design).