History and objectives of SENUF

The SENUF Network was founded in 2003, after an organizational meeting of the interested parties held in Petten on July 3-4, 2003. The Working Group on ''Safety of Nuclear Facilities in Eastern Europe dedicated to Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance”, was founded with the following objectives:

  1. Review and identification of the open (generic/specific) maintenance related issues
  2. Promote well designed and prepared maintenance plans for systems, structures and components
  3. Support the implementation of advanced maintenance approaches, including implementation of preventive (condition based) maintenance as well as preventive mitigation measures
  4. Evaluate advanced risk informed maintenance approaches and provide assistance on its implementation
  5. Maintain a database (link) on operation experience in relation to maintenance

The Annual SENUF meeting took place at Petten JRC on November 25th 2009. Consult the Agenda here
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