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Use of Agricultural Residues for Bioenergy Workshop

This Workshop was organised by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission in cooperation with the Scientific Engineering Centre "Biomass” from Ukraine, the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine and the IEA Bioenergy Task 43 on Biomass feedstocks for energy markets

This Meeting is an activity performed within the framework of the 2014 Joint Research Centre Enlargement/Integration/Neighbourhood Countries Programme. Within this Programme, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) develops a scientific and technical cooperation with non EU countries (research organisations, public administration bodies, national laboratories and scientists) which intends to facilitate scientific and technical exchange.

This Workshop addressed international cooperation in the field of bioenergy and focused on Ukraine and Europe (European Union, New Member States, Candidate Countries, Neighbouring Countries), especially regarding the use of agriculture residues for bioenergy. It was organised at JRC level by the REMM (Renewable Energy Mapping and Monitoring) Action of the JRC Institute for Energy and Transport (Renewable Energy Unit), (see

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Thursday, September 25, 2014 - 09:00 to Friday, September 26, 2014 - 18:00

Kiev, Ukraine

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Session 1
PresentationsFile Size
PDF icon Status of Bioenergy in Ukraine: Resources, Technologies, Market development (G. Geletukha, UABIO-SECB, Ukraine)1.04 MB
PDF icon European Commission JRC activities in the field of Renewable Energy Mapping & Monitoring (N. Scarlat, EC-JRC)6.28 MB
PDF icon Status of bioenergy in Danube Region countries (Manjola Banja, EC-JRC)1.12 MB
PDF icon Development & Status of the use of Agricultural Residues for Energy in Denmark (I. Stupak, University of Copenhagen, DK)640.29 KB
PDF icon Sustainability issues related to straw used for energy in Denmark (N. Scott Bentsen, University of Copenhagen, DK)722.17 KB
PDF icon Prospects for the use of agricultural crop residues for energy production in Ukraine (T. Zheliezna, Bioenergy Ass. of Ukr.)4.03 MB
PDF icon Use of Agricultural Residues for Bioenergy in the Galilee (U. Marchaim, Galilee Research Institute, Israel)1.44 MB
PDF icon Status of Bioenergy and use of crop residues in Serbia (M. Martinov, University of Novi Sad, Serbia)2.11 MB
PDF icon IEA Bioenergy activities (K. W. Kwant, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands)2.11 MB
PDF icon Some EU research activities in bioenergy: S2Biom & Biotrade2020plus projects (L. Iriarte, INAAS, Germany)1.28 MB
PDF icon Status of bioenergy in FYROM (O. Chukaliev, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences & Food, Skopje, FYROM)1.93 MB
PDF icon Status of bioenergy in Turkey (H. Olgun, University of Ege, Turkey)3.46 MB
Session 2
PresentationsFile Size
PDF icon Netherlands Sustainable Biomass Program (K. W. Kwant, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, NL)1.75 MB
PDF icon Bioenergy from residues and crops in Ukraine. Opportunities and challenges (W. H. Elbersen, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands)2.96 MB
PDF icon Utilization of agricultural waste/residuals for biogas and biomethane production (Y. Matveev, Bioenergy Ass. of Ukraine)1.66 MB
PDF icon High yield bioenergy crops for biofuels production in Ukraine (M. Gumentyk, Institute of Bioenergy Crops & Sugar Beet, Ukr.)2.55 MB
PDF icon Prospects for the growing & use of energy crops in Ukraine (O. Tryboi, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NASU, Ukr.)1.51 MB
PDF icon Experience of energy willow production in the western regions of Ukr. (I. Gnap, «Salix Energy» Ltd, Bioenergy Ass. of Ukr.)1.59 MB
PDF icon Practical legal aspects for implementation under "green" tariff (M. Sysoiev, Marchenko Danevych law firm, Kyiv, Ukraine)841.5 KB
PDF icon Integrated use of bioenergy conversion technologies in agroecosystems (G. Golub, NULES of Ukraine)3.86 MB
PDF icon Activities of the European Bank of Reconstruction & Development in the field of energy in Ukraine (T. Markuta, EBRD, Ukr.)1 MB
PDF icon Modern standards & quality classes of solid biofuels from oil-seed and crop residues (T. Ignatenko, Ukrainian Pellet Union)1.24 MB
PDF icon Principles & backgrounds of agrarian solid biofuels certification (V. Bunetskyi, "T.S.I. Group")571.39 KB
PDF icon Are residues available for energy production? (A. Kojakovic, Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar, Zagreb, Croatia)3.14 MB
PresentationsFile Size
PDF icon Annex: CEA activities in the field of bioenergy - Focus on gasification and crop residues (C. Dupont, CEA, France)2.3 MB
PDF icon Annex: Energy Planning & Biomass Field (C. De Carolis, Project, Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy)4.37 MB
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