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Results of the IET-ENEA implementation of the JRC-ENEA Memorandum of Understanding

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Scientific Reports
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JRC 91059
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EUR 26723 EN
ISBN 978-92-79-39140-8
ISSN 1831-9424
Heinz Ossenbrink
Gian Piero Celata
Patrizia Pistochini (co-editor)
Fabio Monforti-Ferrario (co-editor)
European Union, 2014

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JRC Scientific and Technical Reports

This report describes the projects of the collaboration between the ENEA and the Joint Research Centre’s Institute of Energy and Transport (IET), their status and the results achieved.
Since the collaboration formally started in 2008, many projects have been undertaken and concluded, often with remarkable results. However, many of the people involved have not been made aware of these results, and neither has a wider audience. This report is intended to fill that gap and to illustrate the richness of results that such a collaboration can achieve.
The report is also proof of a concept: how to generate added value and tangible synergies when parts of two very large research organisations embark on a formal collaboration. The editors hope it will serve a number of purposes. First, to provide a comprehensive overview and stock-taking of the projects and results achieved. Second, and probably more important, to encourage all staff of both organisations to undertake further interesting projects and to share knowledge, skills, data and facilities.