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PV Status Report 2014

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Scientific Reports
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JRC 92477
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EUR 26990 EN
ISBN 978-92-79-44621-4
ISSN 1831-9424
Arnulf Jäger-Waldau
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JRC Scientific and Technical Reports

Photovoltaics is a solar power technology to generate Electricity using semiconductor devices, known as solar cells. A number of solar cells form a solar “Module” or “Panel’, which can then be combined to solar systems, ranging from a few Watts of electricity output to multi Megawatt power stations. The unique format of the Photovoltaic Status Report combines international up-to-date information of Photovoltaics. These data are collected on a regular basis from public and commercial studies and crosschecked with personal communications. Regular fact-finding missions with company visits, as well as meetings with officials from funding organisations and policy makers, complete the picture. Growth in the solar Photovoltaic sector has been robust. The Compound Annual Growth Rate over the last decade was over 50%, thus making photovoltaics one of the fastest growing industries at present. The PV Status Report provides comprehensive and relevant information on this dynamic sector for the public interested, as well as decision-makers in policy and industry.

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