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Energy use in the EU food sector: State of play and opportunities for improvement

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Scientific Reports
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EUR 27247 EN
ISBN 978-92-79-48299-1
ISSN 1831-9424
doi: 10.2790/158316
F. Monforti-Ferrario
J.-F. Dallemand
I. Pinedo Pascua
V. Motola
M. Banja
N. Scarlat
H. Medarac
L. Castellazzi
N. Labanca
P. Bertoldi
D. Pennington
M. Goralczyk
E. M. Schau
E. Saouter
S. Sala
B. Notarnicola
G. Tassielli
P. Renzulli
F. Monforti-Ferrario
I. Pinedo Pascua
Publications Office of the European Union

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JRC Scientific and Technical Reports

The amount of energy necessary to cultivate, process, pack and bring the food to European citizens’ tables accounts for 17 % of the EU's gross energy consumption, equivalent to about 26 % of the EU's final energy consumption in 2013. Challenges and solutions for decreasing energy consumption and increasing the use of renewable energy in the European food sector are presented and discussed.

This Report has been produced by the Joint Research Centre within the framework of a project supported by the European Commission Directorate General for Energy.