Bioenergy availability and sustainability

Bioenergy is an important source of renewable energy, currently counting for most of the primary renewable energy production in Europe and it is expected to maintain a crucial role in the coming years.

As shown in the following Figure (IPCC,2011) bioenergy in itself is a complex resource, originating from diverse feedstocks, processed through several different production chains and providing a potential energy contribution to both transport, heat & colling and electricity consumption sectors in the form of several kind of end products (biofuels, pellets, wood and agricultural residies, biogas and so on).

The REMEA action is developing tools and models for assessing bioenergy potential under different exploitation hypothesis, starting from available databases and geographical layers, with the overall goal of providing factual analysis on bioenergy availability, exploitability and sustainability, both for present and future scenarios to policy makers and the broader scientific community.