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The availability of renewable energies in a changing Africa

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Scientific Reports
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EUR 25980 EN
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JRC 81645
ISBN 978-92-79-29941-4
ISSN 1018-5593
doi: 10.2790/88194
E. Bartholomė
A. Belward
K. Bódis
F. Bouraoui
J.-F. Dallemand
T. Huld
M. Gaetani
A. Jaeger-Waldau
P. Mayaux
M. Moner-Girona
F. Monforti
V. Motola
H. Ossenbrink
L. Pozzoli
S. Russo
N. Scarlat
J. Skøien
S. Szabó
J. Thielen
E. Vignati
F. Monforti
European Commission

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JRC Scientific and Technical Reports

Climate science has provided indications on the climatic change taking place in Africa:
according to forecasts, higher temperature values are expected in the whole continent, with sharper increases in the dry belts just north and south of the tropics. Precipitation should increase in the tropic areas while it is expected to decrease in the northern and southern extremes of the continent. This already happening climatic change could have an impact on the raw resources available for renewable energy production, even if scientific literature on this aspect is somewhat limited and IPCC has pointed out that "Climate change will have impacts on the size and geographic distribution of the technical potential for Renewable Energy sources, but research into the magnitude of these possible effects is nascent".

Nevertheless, the issue is relevant for both policy makers and private investors needing to understand if and to what extent energy policies or investments in infrastructure should be tuned in response of changing climate conditions.

For this reason, in this report, a first quantitative estimation of climatic effects on renewable energy resources availability has been attempted on the basis of the analysis of the output of climate models on the African region.