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22nd European Biomass Conference & Exhibiton

23/06/2014 to 26/06/2014

The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EU BC&E) ranks as one of the top world leading events in the Biomass sector, combining a highly respected international Conference with an Industrial Exhibition.

CEN/WS 64 – Phase 2 - Design and Construction Code for mechanical and civil engineering for Gen II to IV nuclear facilities


The kick-off meeting of the CEN Workshop will take place on 6 June 2014 from 10:00 to 16:00 in the CEN-CENELEC Meeting Centre.

During the kick-off meeting, the final Business Plan will be adopted, the Chairperson appointed and the Secretariat confirmed. Some information on the technical and standardization contexts of this CEN Workshop will also be presented.

The travel and subsistence expenses are to be borne by the Workshop participants.

Fifth Edition of the Transport Research Arena (TRA2014)

14/04/2014 to 17/04/2014

The Fifth Edition of the Transport Research Arena (TRA2014) will be held on 14-17 April 2014 in Paris.

The theme of TRA2014 is: “Transport Solutions: From Research to Deployment/Innovate Mobility, Mobilise Innovation”.

The objective of TRA2014 is to mobilise the best researchers and engineers together with the policy and decision makers, and company managers and engineers, in order to find and implement innovative solutions in transport.

9th Senior Advisory Group meeting of the European Human Resources Observatory for the Nuclear Energy Sector (EHRO-N)

07/04/2014 to 08/04/2014

On 7-8 April the 9th Senior Advisory Group meeting of the European Human Resources Observatory for the Nuclear Energy Sector (EHRO-N) was held in Amsterdam organized by the JRC Institute for Energy and Transport.

Highly-recognized experts coming from several international organizations, national regulatory bodies, targeted stakeholders, research centres and universities, attended the event at the Eye Filminstituut.

GreenLight & GreenBuilding Awards Ceremony


The IEECB’14 conference will take place on 1 and 3 April 2014 in Frankfurt during Light+Building, the world’s leading trade fair for Architecture and Technology, 30 March to 4 April 2014, in Frankfurt, Germany. On this occasion, the 2014 GreenLight and GreenBuilding Awards Ceremony will take place.

7th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting (EEDAL '13)

11/09/2013 to 13/09/2013

Energy efficiency improvements in residential appliances, heating and cooling equipment, ICT equipment and lighting can play a key role in achieving a sustainable energy future and socio-economic development, and at the same time mitigate climate change.

ICHS 2013: 5th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety

09/09/2013 to 11/09/2013

The objective of the International Conference on Hydrogen Safety (ICHS) is to improve public awareness and trust in hydrogen technologies by communicating a better understanding of both the hazards and risks associated with hydrogen and their management. Since the ICHS focuses on safety issues and measures to encourage more extensive use of hydrogen-based technologies, its contents are different from other hydrogen conferences.

Inauguration of the European Solar Test Installation new facilities

24/06/2013 to 25/06/2013

Newly re-furbished facilities of the JRC's European Solar Test Installation (ESTI) in Ispra will be inaugurated on Monday 24 June 2013. The upgraded laboratories allow ESTI to assess the performance of new and improved photovoltaic (PV) devices, to perform pre-normative research and to help develop international standards.

International Forum on CO2 from Heavy Duty Vehicles

30/05/2013 to 31/05/2013

DG-CLIMA with the assistance of the JRC is working for the last couple of years, on defining a European methodology for estimation of CO2 emissions from Heavy Duty Vehicles. This methodology will use both vehicle simulation and targeted measurements. For this reason, a new simulation tool, called VECTO has been developed and tested recently at the JRC, with the help of the industry and universities. Similar policy initiatives have been adopted recently in several parts of the world.