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International Forum on CO2 from Heavy Duty Vehicles

DG-CLIMA with the assistance of the JRC is working for the last couple of years, on defining a European methodology for estimation of CO2 emissions from Heavy Duty Vehicles. This methodology will use both vehicle simulation and targeted measurements. For this reason, a new simulation tool, called VECTO has been developed and tested recently at the JRC, with the help of the industry and universities. Similar policy initiatives have been adopted recently in several parts of the world.

The JRC is now organizing with the help of DG-CLIMA, a three day workshop on this issue, in Varese on the 29-31 May, 2013. The first day is dedicated to policy makers in order to facilitate exchange of recent experiences in the rule making, while the two days following will be open to all stakeholders.

The open workshop is aiming to bring together stakeholders from all parts of the world in order to present the existing status HDV CO2 monitoring, discuss the approaches adopted or announced so far, discuss on the follow up activities considered, and investigate the possibility of future coordination and harmonization in the field. Particular focus is intended to be given in technical difficulties associated with HDV CO2 quantification and monitoring, to the solutions adopted and to the evaluation of the results and the feedback obtained to date. Participants to the workshop come from Europe, but also the USA, China, Brazil and Japan.

For details on this event and updated information, please visit the event's page on our site: International Forum on CO2 from Heavy Duty Vehicles.