IET Press Releases

Winners of 2012 GreenBuilding and GreenLight Awards more 18 april 2012
PV Status report: Photovoltaics among fastest growing industries in the world more 5 September 2011
Smart grids: new study highlights key challenges and trends in the EU more 7 July 2011
GreenLight, GreenBuilding and Motor Challenge EU awards: 25 energy efficient winners in 14 countries more 12 April 2011
Major ICT companies join JRC initiative for energy efficiency more 28 September 2010
EU leading the way in newly installed solar cells more 6 September 2010
Biofuels sustainability: JRC methodology for calculating carbon stock changes more 9 July 2010
Share of renewables in new electricity generation capacity continues to rise more 5 July 2010
Commission sets up system for certifying sustainable biofuels more 10 June 2010
The role of bioenergy in the energy system of the future more 7 May 2010
Nuclear safety: learning from others more 3 May 2010
Energy security and the role of nuclear energy in Europe more 29 April 2010
How is Europe doing in clean technologies?

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7 October 2009
Geological Disposal: technically ripe for implementation more 1 October 2009
Solar modules production world-wide almost doubled in 2008 more 21 September 2009
JRC study on Liquefied Natural Gas: advantages and drawbacks more 2 July 2009
JRC report on fossil fuel generation in the EU more 1 July 2009
JRC Renewable Energy Snapshots more 29 June 2009