GreenLight and GreenBuilding Awards 2012

The European Greenlight Programme 2011
Improving the efficiency with which energy is consumed by end-users is a central theme of EU energy policy

GreenBuilding and GreenLight awards: 19 winners in 10 EU countries

19 organisations from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom are this year's winners of the energy efficiency awards for buildings and lighting (GreenBuilding and GreenLight), managed by the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission's in-house science service. Under the GreenBuilding programme, in the refurbishment category, one of the winners is the German Derag Hotels group, which obtained an 88% reduction in energy consumption with a saving of 304 MWh per year. In the category of new buildings, the offices of Fabege AB (Sweden) achieved an effective saving of 64% (3 411 MWh per year). Under the GreenLight programme, the winners include a Data centre of Migration Solutions (UK), which reduced its energy consumption by 95% (732 MWh per year). GreenLight encourages partners to install energy-efficient lighting technologies and systems, whilst GreenBuilding promotes improved energy efficiency through several measures such as thermal insulation, efficient heating and cooling, intelligent control systems, photovoltaic (solar) panels etc. Average energy savings from all prize winners in both categories was 68,5%. Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of EU CO2 emissions. Energy performance of buildings is key to achieve the EU climate and energy objectives, namely the reduction of a 20% of the greenhouse gases emissions by 2020 and a 20% energy savings by 2020. In addition, the directive on energy performance of buildings establishes that by the end of 2020, EU Member States must ensure that all new buildings are "nearly-zero energy" buildings, with a very high energy performance. The GreenBuilding programme partners contribute to this target by providing valuable examples of the innovative technologies that can be applied. The award ceremony will take place today at 18h in Frankfurt during the 7th international conference on Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings at the Light and Building Fair. To view all the winners, please see our memo: Winners of 2012 GreenBuilding and GreenLight Awards.