JRC report on publicly funded research, development and demonstration projects on electric and plug-in vehicles in Europe

Electro-mobility is part of the alternative fuels mix promoted in the "Clean Power for Transport" legislative package launched by the Commission on 25 January 2013. The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has gathered information on more than 320 research, development and demonstration (R,D&D) projects on electric cars, with a total budget of €1.9 billion (65% from public funding) to assess the potential gaps in the European R,D&D landscape.

Inauguration of the European Solar Test Installation new facilities

Newly re-furbished facilities of the JRC's European Solar Test Installation (ESTI) in Ispra will be inaugurated on Monday 24 June 2013. The upgraded laboratories allow ESTI to assess the performance of new and improved photovoltaic (PV) devices, to perform pre-normative research and to help develop international standards.

International Forum on CO2 from Heavy Duty Vehicles

DG-CLIMA with the assistance of the JRC is working for the last couple of years, on defining a European methodology for estimation of CO2 emissions from Heavy Duty Vehicles. This methodology will use both vehicle simulation and targeted measurements. For this reason, a new simulation tool, called VECTO has been developed and tested recently at the JRC, with the help of the industry and universities. Similar policy initiatives have been adopted recently in several parts of the world.

€1.8 billion invested in smart grids projects in Europe

The JRC has published today, the 22nd of April 2013, the 2012 update of the 2011 report "Smart Grid projects in Europe: lessons learned and current developments", which is the most comprehensive inventory of smart grid and smart metering initiatives across the European Union, Croatia, Switzerland and Norway.

Fifth Edition of the Transport Research Arena (TRA2014)

The Fifth Edition of the Transport Research Arena (TRA2014) will be held on 14-17 April 2014 in Paris.

The theme of TRA2014 is: “Transport Solutions: From Research to Deployment/Innovate Mobility, Mobilise Innovation”.

The objective of TRA2014 is to mobilise the best researchers and engineers together with the policy and decision makers, and company managers and engineers, in order to find and implement innovative solutions in transport. JRC-IET is involved in its organisation, both in the Programme and Organising Committees.

New JRC report reviews oil and gas offshore accidents

The report reviews current sources of information on accidents and their availability to operators, authorities and the public. It also analyses some landmark accidents and examines the lessons learned for the industry and the regulatory authorities, linking them to the phases of the risk management chain: prevention, mitigation, emergency preparedness, response and recovery. In addition, statistical information on the frequency and severity of accidents is included.

New study on smart grids in the EU and the US

The Joint Research Centre and the US Department of Energy have published today a joint report comparing EU and US initiatives on assessing the impacts and progress of smart grids.

IET signs cooperation agreement with Portuguese EDP Distribuição on Smart Grids

In September 2012, the JRC-IET signed a letter of intent with the leading Portuguese electricity utility EDP Distribuição, to strengthen cooperation on Smart Grid related topics. The goal is to integrate data and insights from EDP Smart Grid installations into JRC scientific studies on Smart Grids

JRC and ENEA extend their scientific cooperation agreement

On 16 July 2012 The JRC's Institute for Energy and Transport and ENEA, Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development have signed an extension of previously concluded agreement in the fields of renewable energy, high-performance buildings and electro-mobility.