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Structure of JEC collaboration

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JEC collaboration is steered via a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), which is in charge – among others – of monitoring activities, approving information for publication and communication and issue guidelines for on-going and future activities.

The Scientific Advisory Board – with prior approval of each organisation – establishes Working Groups composed of technical experts coming from within their organisations and sometimes assisted by external experts approved by the Scientific Advisory Board.

The Working Groups report on their activities to the Scientific Advisory board and must submit all information, presentations and reports for approval by the Scientific Advisory Board, prior to any wider distribution.

Currently, three working groups have been established.

Working group 1 -  Well-to-Wheels (WTW) - Maintain and update the Well-to-Wheels analysis on future fuels and powertrains

Working Group 2 - Ethanol-Gasoline Blends - Assess the effects of ethanol-gasoline blends on fuel consumption and emissions from a range of modern gasoline cars

Working Group 3 - JEC Biofuels Programme - Clarify the opportunities and barriers to achieve 10% biofuels (on an energy basis) in road fuels by 2020.