Fuel Cell Systems Testing, Safety & Quality Assurance (FCTESQA)

Project Summary

Fuel Cell Systems Testing, Safety & Quality Assurance (FCTESQA) is a Specific Targeted Research project (STREP) co-financed by the European Commission within the Sixth framework Programme (contract number: 020161).

The main aim of FCTESQA is to address the aspects of pre-normative research, benchmarking, and validation through round robin testing of harmonised, industry-wide test protocols and testing methodologies for fuel cells. This activity will provide support for the essential pre-normative research efforts towards standardisation, thereby contributing to the early and market-oriented development of specifications and pre-standards.

For the first time, the internationally agreed harmonised test procedures applicable to fuel cells, stacks, and systems, which were the output of the FCTESQA predecessor project, namely, the �Fuel Cell Testing and Standardisation Network� (FCTESTNET), will be validated through experimental campaigns. Test protocols will undergo benchmarking and round robin testing in different laboratories. FCTESQA results will be discussed, debated and agreed in co-operative progress meetings and dedicated international workshops under the International Partnership for the hydrogen Economy (IPHE) auspices. In addressing the above-mentioned issues an international consortium from EU and IPHE members has been established.

The present project will help bridging the gap between individual and independent management decision-making within companies and research groups and the outcome and experience of different research activities worldwide with harmonised, validated, and benchmarked procedures following accepted international quality practices.

Look under EVENTS for more information on details on the announcement and registration of the Second International Workshop on Degradation Issues of Fuel Cells (21-23 September 2011, Thessaloniki, Greece)