Codes of Conduct for ICT

  • Led by JRC, flexible mechanism to initiate and develop policy;
  • Forum for industry, experts, and Member States;
  • Ambitious voluntary standards and commitments 

Since 2002 Codes of Conduct on:

  • External power supply units
  • Digital TV services
  • Broadband
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Data Centres (includes Data Centres in Dublin)

Energy in Buildings

JRC Support

  • Support for ENER on the Cost OptimaL methodology
  • CEN TC371; energy standards related to the Energy Performance for Buildings Directive
  • Dynamic calculation methods for Nearly-Zero Energy Buildings Two workshops have been organised on “Methods for Testing, Evaluation and Modelling”
    IEA ECBCS Annex 58 accepted
  • Renewable Energies in Buildings
    Solar energy (passive, thermal and electrical), Geo-thermal (using heat pumps)



EC voluntary programme through which companies commit to energy efficiency measures in non-residential buildings (new buildings and retrofits).

today: 293 partners, 430 buildings, 333 GWh/year

Lighting Initiatives

GreenLight Programme

EC Voluntary initiative to reduce lighting energy use in the commercial and industrial sector and street lighting.

  • today: 670 partners, 304 GWh/year
  • SSL: 29 projects in 8 countries

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Study for SSL

  • Market & value chain
  • Test cases
  • Standards
  • Financing, learning and training
  • Green Public Procurement

The Covenant of Mayors

A fast growing initiative

2990 cities committed to reduce CO2 emission by more than 20% by 2020

130 million inhabitants (> 25% of EU population)

730 Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) received

  • Covering EU 27 (DG ENER)
  • Extension to the East (DG DEVCO)

6 Eastern Partnership + 5 Central Asian countries


JRC’s support:

  • methodologies and guidelines for SEAPs and emission inventories;
  • assistance to cities to develop SEAPs (helpdesk), analyse of the submitted SEAPs, feedback to the signatories, and monitoring the implementation.


View the Youtube video here:


Policy Support for Energy Services Directive

National Energy Efficiency Action Plans

  • Evaluation framework set up
  • Assessment of all 27 NEEAPs ongoing, incl. checking of reported savings until 2020
  • Recommendations to MS

Tradable certificates for energy savings

  • Analysis of schemes in place in Europe: reports on results achieved so far, lessons learned
  • Comparison with other policy tools to promote energy efficiency

Energy Service Companies

  • Monitoring of market development since 2002
  • Review of state of art and update reports
  • Workshops, ESCO databases
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