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The European database for motor systems, EuroDEEM, contains high efficiency electric motor data. It is an important information tool that allows users to select the most energy-efficient electric motor for a new installation or for a replacement, evaluating energy and financial savings. In this respect, EuroDEEM helps promote electricity savings.
EuroDEEM Web Site. 

European Motor Classification Scheme

This scheme facilitates the identification of high efficiency motors (motor in efficiency class EFF 1), and standard efficiency motors (class EFF 2).
You can download the PDF files here: [En] [Es] [De] [It] [Fr].

Europan Guide to Pump Selection and the Basics on Pump Efficiency

This Guide helps end-users to select the most efficient pump for a given duty. The document Basics on Pump Efficiency provides simple and clear information to introduce end users to pump efficiency.
Download the Pdf files: [Guide to Pump Selection] [Basics on Pump Efficiency]

Tips for assessing profitability

To know how to calculate profitability, visit the "Economics" seciton.

Catalog of information resources

Using a keyword, this catalog indicates the corresponding resources listed in the EU. These resources are about written documents, training courses, Web-sites, etc. They are indicated for countries and languages. The list is not exhaustive.

Download Catalog in Excel [XLS file]

Energy Service Companies (ESCO)

ESCOs provide comprehensive energy efficiency services to consumers including project finance, engineering, project management, equipment maintenance monitoring and evaluation, usually through Energy Performance Contracts (EPC).

List of European Energy Service Companies

European Studies on motor system components

Second motor study file [PDF file]; VSD save study [PDF file]; Save pump report [PDF file].