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The Motor Challenge Programme Synopsis

The Motor Challenge Programme is a European Commission initiative to aid industrial companies in improving the energy efficiency of their electric Motor Driven Systems. The Challenge focuses on Compressed Air, Fan and Pump systems, for which it has been demonstrated that there exists a large technical and economic potential for energy savings.

Any enterprise planning to contribute to the Motor Challenge Programme objectives can participate.

  • Companies that use Motor Driven Systems can request "Partner" status.
  • Companies that supply Motor Driven Systems may become "Endorsers".

Partners will be aided in reducing operating expenses, through profitable, cost effective measures. Furthermore, they will receive public recognition for their contribution to achieving the objectives of the European Union's energy policy:

  • minimising environmental impact, and in particular reducing CO2 emissions;
  • improving the competitivity of European industry;
  • reducing dependence on imported energy sources.

The core of the programme is an Action Plan, by which a Challenge Partner commits to undertaking specific measures to reduce energy consumption. The Partner company determines which production sites, and which types of systems, are covered by the commitment. The scope of the commitment is flexible, and can be limited to a single shop, or may include all of the company's European production sites.

Challenge Partners will receive aid, advice and technical assistance from the Commission and from participating National Energy Agencies in formulating and carrying out their Action Plan. Companies should be able to:

  • maintain or improve both the Reliability and the Quality of Service of the systems concerned;
  • realise the major portion of technically and economically feasible energy savings.

Furthermore, companies will receive public recognition for their efforts, through the Programme's promotion campaign:

  • Partners may use and post the Motor Challenge Programme logo, thus publicising their energy saving actions and their contribution to the environment;
  • The list of Challenge Partners, including a description of their specific contribution to the Programme will be published widely (brochure, Internet, etc.);
  • Partners will be invited to provide documentation of a showcase installation that the European Commission can publicise;
  • The enterprise's relevant activities may be included in Challenge promotional activities, such as Awards and the Catalogue;
  • Challenge Programme Awards will be made to outstanding Motor Challenge Partnerships in several categories;

Suppliers of equipment and services related to Motor Driven Systems may participate in promoting the Motor Challenge, for instance by assisting Partners in defining and carrying out their Action Plan. Such companies are encouraged to register as Motor Challenge Endorsers. Endorsers get public acknowledgement for their efforts to support the Motor Challenge Programme.

The Motor Challenge Programme is totally voluntary: companies are free to decide whether they want to join or not, and they may withdraw from the programme at any time without any prejudice.

Motor Challenge benefits from the active support of the National Energy Agencies of 15 European countries. Please contact Paolo Bertoldi at the European Commission for more information  by accessing the contact section of the REEF website.

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