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Energy Management Guideline

The Guidelines for Energy Management is an important element of the GreenBuilding programme and is supposed to aid participants in making energy aspects an element of management priorities at every step of the life cycle of a building. The Energy Management Guideline describes energy related Management Policies. Partners shall integrate them into their Action Plan. An energy management policy is required by each Partner.
In particular, the Guidelines explains what a Partner does for each of the following steps of participation:

  • Inventory of energy related management policies and practices
  • Assessment of the applicability of possible energy policies and practices
  • Action plan, that defines the management policies and practices that the Partner has decided to institute, in order to reduce operating costs.
  • Annual report of progress on the Action Plan.


Financing Module

By becoming a GreenBuilding Partner, your company can demonstrate its commitment to significantly reduce the energy consumption in its non-residential buildings which are participating in this effort.

In the Financing Module you may find assistance for the financing of your investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.


Energy Audit Guideline

An Energy Audit is an examination of an energy consuming equipment/system to ensure that energy is being used efficiently. In many ways, this is similar to financial accounting. Building manager examines the energy account of an energy consuming equipment/system, checks the way energy is used in its various components, checks for areas of inefficiency or that less energy can be used and identifies the means for improvement.

Energy Audit can be a simple walk through the building to take stock of all the major energy consuming equipment and the key building characteristics, to a more detailed analysis of the building performance.

There are several building audits guides and formats, and many potential partners may have already their own audit programme in place. Some Members States also have national audit programmes, and my even financially support the audits.

The GBP does not require any specific form of audit. The GBP Audit Guidelines* offers some tips and suggestions on how to carry out an energy audit.
* this document is based on  the Guidelines on Energy Audit Electrical & Mechanical Services Department The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


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