About GreenBuilding Programme

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About GreenBuilding Programme

In its Green Paper on Energy Efficiency, the European Commission (EC) identified the building sector as an area, where important improvements in energy efficiency can be realised. According to the Green Paper, the building sector accounts more than 40% of the final energy demand in Europe. At the same time, improved heating and cooling of buildings constitutes one of the largest potentials for energy savings. Such savings would also improve the energy supply security and the EU’s competitiveness, while creating jobs and raising the quality of life in buildings.

The GreenBuilding Programme (GBP) is a voluntary programme started in 2005. GPB aims to the enhance the realisation of cost-effective energy efficiency potentials by creating awareness and providing information support and public recognition to companies whose top management is ready to show actual commitment to adopt energy efficient measures in non-residential buildings.

Participation in the GBP starts with the submittal of an action plan defining the scope and nature of the company’s commitment. Based on an initial energy audit, the action plan must define the buildings in which energy efficiency actions will be undertaken as well as the technical services (heating, lighting, water heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, office equipment, etc.) and the specific measures, to which the commitment applies.
If the action plan is accepted by management entity, the company is granted Partner status. Three years after the completion of the last GreenBuilding project, the Partner status will expire.

GBP provides documents (“Technical Modules”) defining the technical nature of an appropriate commitment for each technical service covered in the programme. The modules are complemented by Guidelines on horizontal issues, such as “Financing”, “Energy Audit” and “Energy Management”.

The GBP encourages its Partners to tap a large reservoir of profitable investments without the need for specific financial incentives from the Commission. GBP investments use proven technology, products and services for which efficiency has been demonstrated. It makes good business sense for companies to join the GBP.

GBP Partners have direct benefits by saving money and in most cases by improving working conditions. They realise technically and economically feasible energy savings, thereby increasing their competitiveness and the value of their buildings.

GBP Partners have also benefits resulting from the growing attention of consumers and investors. Their ability to deal successfully with environmental issues may indeed be considered as a credible measure of management quality.

GreenBuilding provides support to the Partners in the form of information resources and public recognition, such as press coverings in newspapers and magazines, presentation at fairs and conferences across Europe, a regular newsletter, and a brochure and a catalogue of success stories. The GBP plaque allows Partners to show their responsible entrepreneurship to their clients.

The GBP will be complementary to the Building Energy Performance Directive as it will stimulate additional savings in the non-residential building sector.

Goals of GreenBuilding Programme

  • The main objective of GreenBuilding is to trigger investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in non-residential buildings with focus on existing premises on a voluntary basis.
  • GreenBuilding is designed to help to open up markets – in particular by increased awareness, know-how and technical capabilities, the access to finance and energy service offerings – to achieve investments with high benefits and short payback times.
  • GreenBuilding wants to initiate energy efficiency investments in non-residential buildings which are clearly profitable and are based only on proven technologies.
  • GreenBuilding complements and goes beyond the standards imposed by the European building directive and national building codes in force.
  • By encouraging energy efficiency and renewables energy measures beyond the existing regulations which are economically viable, GreenBuilding does not stop at the implementation of state-of-the-art energy standards but actively contributes to the advancement of the present state-of-the-art in energy saving techniques in the non-residential building sector.
  • GreenBuilding intends to provide information and support as well as public recognition to companies, which are ready to make commitments to improve the energy efficiency of non-residential buildings well beyond the legal requirements with measures that are proven and profitable.