Energy Efficiency Action Awards

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The REEF Action offers a variety of awards through its energy efficiency programmes. Each year competitions for each key action programme, such as GreenBuilding, GreenLight and Motorchallenge, are orgnised giving the chance to partners to showcase their efforts and to have the opportunity to win and gain peer recognition for their endeavours.

For more information on the awards orgnised please read below the detailed programmes.

GreenBuilding Programme Award

Each year the REEF action of the JRC makes a selection of the most interesting projects submitted by their partners, both for new buildings and for refurbishments. Based on architectural solutions, technologies adopted and energy saving of the building the awards committee recognises excellence to a number of partners for their good work .

For more informaiton visit the GreenBuilding Awards section, where you can access all the upcoming and past awards.

GreenLight Programme Award

The GreenLight Awards are organised each year to recognise the contribution of the best partners of this important European initiative. The GreenBuilding Programme is the European Commission's voluntary programme whereby private and public organisations commit towards reducing their lighting energy use, thus reducing polluting emissions.

Visit the GreenLight website to learn all about the Programme and the Awards.

Motor Challenge Programme Award

The Motor Challenge Programme (MCP) is a voluntary commitment scheme launched by the European Commission at the beginning of 2003 to activate European companies to implement energy efficiency measures for motors. Since then the Programme has been recognising the endevours of its participants by rewarding them with an award for demonstrating the most efficient and innovative ways of transforming electrical into mechanical power,  recognising the importance of electrical motors as central devices in modern industrial production.

Learn all about the Motor Challenge here.