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Clean and Efficient Vehicles (CLEEVE)

The overall objective of the Action is to contribute to the European Commission's policy goals of achieving sustainable transport in Europe and of improving the European security of energy supply of the transport sector by providing technical and scientific support to the other Services of the Commission on technological measures.

Major research foci on transport road technology are related to studies of vehicle use, driving patterns, fuel consumption and emissions, with the perspectives of; (i) developing vehicle test-cycle assessment criteria and new test-cycles for different research and legislative purposes; (ii) analysing the potential of energy efficiency improvement of vehicles by means of innovative technologies.

Increasing attention is devoted to the development of test procedures and assessment tools for hybrid/electric vehicles for which the existing legislation is not fully adequate having been developed for vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines. The Action supports also the activities on regulation, codes and standards for the adaptation of European legislation to the technical progress and, within the United Nation Economic Commission for Europe (UN-ECE) Working Party on Pollution and Energy (GRPE), for the global harmonization of emission legislation. These activities are strongly based on VELA, the Vehicle and Engine Emission Laboratories, allowing testing all types of vehicles and engines under legislative as well as realistic operation conditions.

The VELA laboratory comprises two emission climatic test cells for light vehicles (two/three-wheelers and passenger cars), a dynamic test bench for heavy duty engines and a climatic test with a chassis dynamometer for heavy duty vehicles. All these facilities are equipped with full flow dilution tunnels and advanced analyzers capable of measuring both regulated and unregulated emissions from a wide range of fuels including gaseous fuels and hydrogen.